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Lowell Rice
Lowell is the owner of boxed art media, LLC, 508 Records (a.k.a., 508 Park Avenue Records), Musician's Access Web Radio (M.A.W.R.), and Sound Pool Studios : Austin, and one of our most seasoned mixing/recording engineers. His is the vision which seeks to bring together not only great artists, but also to foster the relationships that allows each artist to help their fellows to achieve their best by joining the skills of many people to create not just music, but art. And, to appreciate music and spoken talent of all flavors without regard to "industry labels".
Jesse Monaghan
Jesse is a rare talent on the guitar with chops that are evident on his debut album and several commercial scores. Jesse also has extensive experience running the Apple Logic DAW. Jesse is our premier session guitarist.
Veronica Rice
Veronica is our business manager and A&R contact. She is always on the lookout for new talent, regardless of genre. She is responsible for bringing in two spoken word talents to the label and helping expand our market and our resources for voice over work as well as graphics arts. She also found our first Jazz artist and we look forward to even more surprises as we continue to explore the ever unfolding artist community.
TCM Mastering Services
TCM has provided professional music services to the music industry for more than thirty years and has produced hit records for all the major record companies, working with some of the biggest names in music history.